Moisture particleboard pier, crates with feet

Moisture particleboard pier, crates with feet

Product description:

Grade : Ⅰ Species : Poplar Origin: Shandong
Thermal conductivity : Medium Apparent density : 0.7 (g / m3) Use: Outdoor
Specifications : 80 * 80 * 80 (mm) Uses: tray feet Special features : easy to split
Moisture content: 14 ( % )

Particleboard blocks:

Tray pad feet with particleboard blocks density is generally 700 KG / CBM above .

Size and density may also need a separate production can be guaranteed not split nails, blisters lingers .

Mainly for domestic and foreign packaging plant use

The larger the size, the lower the price. On the other hand is also

1, environmental protection
2, has a good sound absorption and sound insulation
3; uniform structure; easy machining manufacturing
4, may need to be processed into relatively large format plate
5, can be selected according to the application thickness specifications, without processing .
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