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Furniture grade particleboard

Furniture grade particleboard
  • Furniture grade particleboard
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Grade: Ⅰ Name: Particleboard Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Specifications: 1220 * 2440mm Special features: wear
Moisture content: about 12%

OSB (own production)

Specifications: 1220 * 2440mm or 1250 * 2500mm;

Thickness: 9-25mm core: Poplar

Glue: MR E2 glue glue glue triamine, phenolic glue.

Purpose: Packaging; furniture; building the product environmental health, formaldehyde emission is small, widely used in interior decoration, decoration housing construction, furniture manufacturing and we sincerely welcome all friends to visit the factory; negotiate OSB; OSB. ; also known as OSB

(Oriented Strandboard, OSB), is adopted by the

Drying, screening, applying adhesives and additives elongated flat wood shavings, after pressing the directional pavement structure made of a plate, because it is composed of many layers of cross-laminated wood together, so having a high strength. In Japan and Europe and America. OSB is that the development speed, most energetic and technical maturity of one sheet. Currently, the US OSB has accounted for half of the amount of the total amount of artificial board, in terms of many applications have been gradually replaced by plywood, paste The panels and other wood-based panels OSB (OSB) excellent performance: * Has a high physical and mechanical properties; compact structure; high intensity * with anti-deformation; peel; anti-warp triple Features * corrosion; moth; resistance to deformation; retardant capability * Fully waterproof performance; permanently exposed in the natural environment and humid conditions * Very low formaldehyde emissions; are truly green products * strong grip nails; easy saw; nail; drilling; open Mucao; planing; filing or sanding * Excellent heat insulation; insulation effect; good performance finishing paint Usage: * wooden architecture: exterior cladding layer; roof covering; the subfloor; structural insulated panels; workers beam; single floor * box; carton; shelf; tray skids (Heavy Machinery) * Truck Body; handling chassis * display board; lined plate * Storage boxes and storage cabinets * * stylish furniture decoration materials; kitchen furniture * Concrete construction template

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