Particleboard, particleboard exports to India mid- pb

Particleboard, particleboard exports to India mid- pb

Product description:

Grade : Ⅰ Name : Particleboard Species : Poplar
Origin: Shandong Apparent density : 700kgs / m3 Specifications : 1220 * 2440mm
Special features : easy to split Moisture content: about 12%

Supply of furniture particleboard
Material : Poplar original raw material
Glue : MR; E1; E2; E0
Product size : 1220 * 2440 * 9-30MM

Uses: furniture, packaging, building materials, flooring .

Particleboard raw materials:
Making raw materials, including wood particleboard wood fiber materials, adhesives and additives categories or former accounting for more than 90% of the dry weight of the sheet of wood raw material from the forest more thinning wood, small diameter timber ( 8 cm in diameter is usually less), harvesting surplus material and wood processing residues, etc. processed into a sheet, strip, needle-like, granular wood chips, wood shavings, wood fiber, sawdust, etc., known as scrap.

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