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4 * 8-foot particleboard PB, triamine paper veneer Particleboard PB

4 * 8-foot particleboard PB, triamine paper veneer Particleboard PB
  • 4 * 8-foot particleboard PB, triamine paper veneer Particleboard PB
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Grade: Ⅰ Name: Particleboard Species: Poplar
Origin: Shandong Apparent density: 710kgs / m3 Specifications: 1220 * 2440mm
Bending strength: 34mpa Special Features: Good color Moisture content: about 12%

Specifications: 1220 * 2440MM or other (smaller than this size)

Color: Various colors melamine paper for the election

Thickness: 9 ~ 25MM

Veneer effect: smooth; Matte; light; Pock; relief, etc.

Glue: E0 / E1 / E2

Particleboard, is the variety of buds, small trees, fast-growing timber, wood and other items cut into a certain size pieces, dried, mixed with plastic material, hardening agent, waterproofing agent, at a certain temperature, pressure pressed into one kind of plywood, its honeycomb-like cross-section, so called particleboard.

In the particleboard internal green dye was added to form a current market say green groups said particleboard, many manufacturers use to mislead the green board, in fact, there is no scientific basis. Domestic and international top brands of particleboard in fact more natural color substrate.


A, particleboard in the production process, with a smaller amount of glue, environmental factors are relatively high.

B; has good sound absorption and sound insulation; particleboard adiabatic; absorption

C; internal crossover scattered granular structure; performance of ministries direction is basically the same; relatively uniform structure; therefore good nail holding power; good lateral loading capacity

D; strong moisture resistance; smaller expansion coefficient of water absorption; is commonly used for cabinets; bathroom cabinet cabinet humidity and other environmental products raw materials

E; particleboard surface roughness; realistic textures; density uniformity; thickness error is small; resistant to pollution; aging; beauty; can paint and various veneers;


A; internal granular structure; difficult to Milling;

B, when the Conference Board is likely to cause the phenomenon of violent teeth, so part of the process requires high processing equipment; not live production.

Quality features:

* Environmental health; formaldehyde emissions near zero; there is the smell of wood;
* Even by force; good strength; there is a very good stability and ability to hold nails; not out of shape; does not break;
* Unique structure; plasticity is very strong; free cutting; easy to direct painting;
* Void; scarring; density; thickness; uniform intensity;
* No insects phenomenon; used to make the box; no fumigation;
* Expansion coefficient; a moisture content of 9 ± 4%; has a waterproof; moisture and water;
* Utilization is high; there is no waste; with insulation; sound-absorbing function;
* Compliance with the certification license American Plywood Association recognized standards and Japanese Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries departments.

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