Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Finger Touch Portable Interactive Whiteboard

Product description:

It can work with any projector or LCD screen. Key features: portable and finger touch; can detect any non- transparent object; Works on any surface, no limit on the material; No limit on active size, range from 40-85 size; can work with common board and save the record of finger writing.

1, Portable and Finger touch;
2, Gesture Recognition;
3, Multi Writing;
5, Remote Control: any solid Interactive Whiteboard cannot support.
6, Automatic Calibration: any solid Interactive Whiteboard cannot support.
7, Patent Calibration Technology: Patent Number: 201120421460.3; 201120203588.2; 201110336523. X

1. Support finger touch: Use the finger instead of pen to write on whiteboard/ wall/ LCD Panel or operate computer.
It can also work with any non-transparent object.

2, Support multi touch: two or more people write simultaneously, They can write at the same time without interference.

3, Support Automatic Calibration: Automatic calibrations within 5 seconds, easy to operate, achieve high accuracy calibration.

4, Support Remote Control (Option) : use the wireless laser pen instead of mouse to achieve remote control from away.
the pen can achieve the function of left or right click, just like a air wireless mouse.

5, Portable and easy to install. Total weight is less than 1kg. Put the emitter part on the wall or dry wipe board with double adhesive tape or magnets, and put the sensor part together with the projector by double adhesive tape. No skills needed.

6, Easy Installation and Maintenance. The weight of device is less than 1 kgs. It can be easily sent back for maintenance.