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  • Stachydrine
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(CAS number) 471-87-4
(English name) Stachydrine
(Source) Motherwort Leonurus sibiricus leaves; Sichuan Sabia SabiaSchaumanniana Diels root;. Extension wood Cudrania tricuspidate (. Carr) Bur roots; tubers Stachys Stachys tuberifera; assassination capers Capparis Spinosa L. roots; alfalfa Medicago Sativa L . the whole plant.
(Specification)) 70%;) 80%;) 90%, TLC is only one spot for a single component.
(Physical properties) of a white waxy solid, liquid melts exceeds 50 ℃, decomposition point 235 ℃, rotation -40.25 ° (c = 4, water) soluble in water and alcohol, acid, chloroform. High temperature, acid alkali, stable, easy to absorb moisture.
Formula: C7H13NO2 Molecular Weight: 179.5
H NMR: δ / (* 10-6) 2.14 ~ 2.48 (4H; m; - (CH2) 2); 3.08 (3H; S; N-CH3); 3.27 (3H; S; N-CH3); 3.51 ~ 3.71 (2H; m; N-CH2); 4.13 ~ 4.17 (1H; m; CH).
13C NMR spectrum: δ / (* 10-6) 18. 666, 24. 91246.22952.29667.66875.163169.919.
(Pharmacodynamics) This product has blood to regulate menstruation, diuretic swelling, uterine contractions role of adrenaline caused by myocardial ischemia and myocardial nutritional improve coronary blood flow, reducing the amount of myocardial necrosis.
Reduce blood viscosity; reducing vascular resistance; microcirculation; heart rate; reduced cardiac output and anti-platelet aggregation and other effects (expected to be a good treatment of cardiovascular disease);
But also to improve and increase renal blood flow, glomerular and tubular obtain good repair and restore renal function can inhibit breast cancer and adenomyosis occurrence; having expectorant, cough, bronchial smooth muscle relaxation effect; also has slowed frog heart contraction frequency, dogs, rabbits can reduce the rate of bleeding and bleeding time.
Packaging: 1 kg / bottle 25 bottles / barrel
Price: 380 yuan / kg