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  • Chlorobenzonitrile
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CAS: 873-32-5
Alias ​​: 2-chloro- nitrile, o -chlorobenzonitrile
Formula : C7H4ClN
Molecular Weight: 137.57
Boiling point : 232 ℃
Melting point : 43-46 ℃
O- dichlorobenzene Partly product is o-chlorotoluene, ammonia, air mixture into the boiling reactor bed, in the role of a catalyst to produce a crude o- dichlorobenzene clear.
Then purified through distillation unit, refined into content of 99.8% over the same time containing chlorine at 1.5% or less of pharmaceutical intermediates o- dichlorobenzene clear.
Uses : pharmaceutical intermediates, organic powders .
Packing: 200 kg / barrel
Price: 14,000 yuan / ton