Product description:

CAS: 62-31-7
Chinese name : dopamine hydrochloride; Yaduoboming; lure Topping
English name : 4- (2-aminoethyl) benzene-12-diolI
Identification CAS Number : 51-61-6PubChem681SMILESC1 = CC (= C (C = C1CCN) O) O
White or white shiny crystals
Formula : C8H11NO2
Molar mass : 153.178gmol-1
Melting point : 128 ° C (401K)
Solubility in water : 60.0g / 100ml (° C), solid
Specifications 2ml: 20mg
Content : 99.9%
Uses: For all types of shock, including toxic shock Dian cardiogenic shock, hemorrhagic shock, central shock, especially with renal insufficiency.
Reduced cardiac output, peripheral vascular resistance is low and you have to make up more meaningful patient blood volume .
Packaging: 50 kg / barrel
Price: 900 yuan / kg