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  • Trichloroacetone
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CAS No .: 918-00-3, 921-03-9
Chinese alias: 1-1-3- trichloroacetone English name: Trichloroacetone
Formula: C3H3Cl3O
Molecular Weight: 161.4143
Appearance (Appearance): colorless crystals
Content (Purity) ≥99.9%
Boiling point: 172 ℃, 62 ℃ (1.33kPa)
Density: 1.471g / cm3 Melting point: 9-11 ℃ Boiling point: 170.7 ° C at 760 mmHg Flash point: 63.4 ° C
Refractive index (nD20) 1.491.
Properties (Physical Properties) Transportation (Storeage) Should oxidants, reducing agents, bases, food chemicals stored separately, avoid mixing reservoir.
Description: The product is colorless and transparent liquid with a strong odor stimulus by chlorination of acetone, distillation system for the aspect of organic synthesis, preparation of drugs, pesticides, perfumes and dyes.
Storage: Store in a clean, dry, ventilated warehouse, handling should beat, light, to prevent sun, rain, prevent collisions leaks, storage period of one year.
Note: This product is organic Drugs, once exposed to contact with air to break down into highly tear gas, use of the product, equipment should be sealed, operators need to wear protective masks, paying particular attention to the protection of the eyes.
Uses: anti-anemia drug folic acid (vitamin Bc) raw materials.
Packing: 100 kg / barrel
Price: 39,000 yuan / ton