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Supply pvc foam frame, picture frames

Supply pvc foam frame, picture frames
  • Supply pvc foam frame, picture frames
Product code: 20430000001
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Material : PVC Origin: Zhejiang Size: 32 * 23
Brand : Bai -billion Purpose: sash bars Anti- wood materials : wood material

Hangzhou Bai -billion Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in plastic extrusion products, research and development, production, sales and integrated high-tech industries .

The company has more than specialized in pvc foam researchers, are used in Japan and the United States technical formula, the traditional pvc foam board surface crust not hard, uneven color, foam density is too high, the surface is not smooth and other issues mature solutions and mastered density products can be done up to a density of 0.5 and an elastic modulus of the same products, product quality has been the praise of domestic and foreign experts .

pvc foam board because the technology is mature, high quality. workability have wood, but also plastic anti-corrosion, moisture, heat and other characteristics, is a lot to be adopted architectural decoration, and a variety of entertainment venues and health .

The company produces a wide variety of foam products and shapes. It also can sample processing production according to customer requirements to map, welcome customers to visit and negotiate.