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Wedge wire filter pipe Wedge Wire Well Screen

Wedge wire filter pipe Wedge Wire Well Screen
  • Wedge wire filter pipe Wedge Wire Well Screen
  • Wedge wire filter pipe Wedge Wire Well Screen
  • Wedge wire filter pipe Wedge Wire Well Screen
  • Wedge wire filter pipe Wedge Wire Well Screen
Product code: 20428600001
Unit price: 300-500 CNY
Reference price: 43.62-72.7 USD
Minimum order: 100
Other info: 1000KG White Green
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Wire around the pipe; spent tube; wire ladder drainage pipe; geothermal wells filter pipe; air-conditioning filter tube wells; spray filter pipe; sand tube)

Wedge wire filter pipe wire and wedge ribs (or circular ribs) by a wedge-shaped wound welded at each intersection point.


1, the wedge wire filter pipe rugged, high porosity, precise size of the gap is especially suitable for wells in sand and silt formations.

2, the opening area of ​​the wedge wire drainage tubes, high filtration area ratio, maximum up to 60%.

3, wedge-shaped design to effectively prevent screen plugging and easily backwash.

4, large filtration area makes it easier to infiltrate groundwater wells, resulting in plenty of water, lowering the water level of deep decrease, thereby reducing energy consumption.

5, can be relatively large filter area to reduce the pressure when the water infiltration, to avoid sand into the well pipe in the larger pressure, thereby reducing the friction of sand and equipment, reduce wear and improve the life of the equipment.

6, in the same small length, diameter and gap conditions, wedge wire filter pipe flow is three times the bridge drainage tube drainage tube is slotted nine times.

7, customers can choose the screen size of the gap between the 0.2mm-6mm, to meet different construction conditions.

Filter pipe material: mainly stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel or other materials required by customers.

Applications: apply to vertical wells, deviated wells, the vast majority of directional wells inner tube gravel packing work.

Connection: Groove connections or threaded connections.

A Guangxing Screens well screen provides the following advantages to your well:

Stop sand production

Avoid pump damage

Improve well efficiency

Improve pumping efficiency

Maximize water flow rate into the well

Reduce well maintenance

Increase well life

Flow rates are three times higher than bridge-slot screens and nine times higher than slotted casing

Slot sizes between 0.1mm-6mm.

Stainless steel types 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 904, 904L, J29 and galvanized steel and other corrosion-resistant alloys are available for adverse conditions.


Gravel-packing in cased-hole completions of vertical wells, directional wells and open-hole completions.

End Connection: Plain beveled ends for butt welding or threaded.