Supply Canada BWGAMAX-XT carbon monoxide detector

Supply Canada BWGAMAX-XT carbon monoxide detector

Product description:

Rugged GAMAX-XT can reliably monitor up to four toxic gases, it intuitive single-button interface operation and integration pump together. Tamper-proof, user-adjustable options allow you to customize the instrument to suit your application After the introduction of new smart pump technology, confined space entry and remote sampling is unprecedented ease. minimize the chance of the pump blocked, and improves the accuracy of remote sampling results.

Multi-gas detector Standard Configuration Features
LCD can be continuous, real-time display of gas concentration
Compact and lightweight design, feel very comfortable to wear
Simple automatic calibration procedure
When you start the sensor; battery status; line integrity and full sound and light alarm function self-test
Wide and bright visual alarm bars
Built-in shock housing

Multi-gas detector Technical Specifications
Measuring range H2S: 0-200ppm CO: 0-1000ppm O2: 0-30.0% VOL flammable gas: 0-100% LEL
Dimensions Weight: 13.1 * 7.0 * 15.2 cm, 316 g
Environmental conditions: temperature -20-50 ℃, humidity 10-100% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Alarm: visual; vibration; sound (95dB), low limit, high limit, STEL, TWA, overrun, lack of electricity, pumps.
Test: visual alarm at start-instrument activation, visual alerts when a sensor failure, low battery, alarm when the pump and circuit failure.
Standards applicable battery life: 0 ℃ when 13 hours, 20 ℃ 10 hours, 6 hours to fully charge.
Pumping: 20 meters to extract samples.
Grade: IP66 / 67

Multi-gas detector Certification and Licensing:
CSA Class 1, Div. 1 Gr. A, B, C, D
IECEx: Ga Ex ia d IIC T4

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