Export tires 10 / 75-15.3

Export tires 10 / 75-15.3

Product description:

Application type: agricultural vehicle Specifications: 10 / 75-15.3 Brand : SAIYANG
Level : 10/12/14 Manufacturer: Weifang Saiyang Tire Co., Ltd.

Specializing in the production of agricultural tires, industrial tires, engineering tires, light truck tires, truck tires, special tires and other tires, the model is complete, the price is right, the products are sold at home and abroad, trusted by customers, such as models and parameters want to know more, please consult negotiations.

The following tire models and parameters for reference:

Size PR Tube Standard Max load Pressure Section Overall Dia
Type Rim (KG) (KPa) Width (mm) (mm)
10/75-15.310 TL91550390264760
11.5/80-15.310 TL91950340290845
10/80-1210 TL91799390220650
10.5/65-1614 TL92650520230730
13.0/65-1816 TL113815490280820

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