Supply of export | tire 1200r24-20pr 3 Erdaogou the grain

Supply of export | tire 1200r24-20pr 3 Erdaogou the grain

Product description:

Application type : Truck ( Bus ) Structure: Radial Tire Specifications : 1200r24
Brand : OEM Level : 20 Tread : Portrait pattern

Specializing in the production of agricultural tires; engineering tire; industrial tires; light truck tires; truck tires; profiled tires; steel tire and other tire; model is complete; reasonable prices; please call to discuss!

High speed radial tire can not easily be punctured, long life, strong safety performance, clinging to power, good braking performance, good operation and stable performance.

1) The following steel tire models for reference:

750R16 -14 TT

825R16 -16 TT

9.00R20-16 TT

1000R20-18 TT

1100R20-18 TT

1200R20-18 / 20 TT

1200R24-20 TT

11R22.5-16 TL

11R24.5 -16 TL

12R22.5 -18 TL

295 / 80R22.5-18 TL

13R22.5 -18 TL

315 / 80R22.5-20 TL

385 / 65R22.5-20 TL

For more tire models and parameters; welcome to call the negotiations; wholeheartedly for your service!

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