Supply of steel tire 12.00R20 block flower

Supply of steel tire 12.00R20 block flower

Product description:

Application type : Truck ( Bus ) Structure: Radial Tire Specifications : 1200R20
Brand : SAIYANG Level : 18/20 Tread : Portrait pattern

1 ) specializing in the production of agricultural tires; engineering tire; industrial tires; light truck tires; truck tires; profiled tires and other tire; model is complete; reasonable prices; please call to discuss!

Radial tires at high speed; not easily be punctured; long life; strong safety performance; holding strong; good braking performance; good operating stability

2) The following tire models for reference:

750R16 -14 TT

825R16 -16 TT

9.00R20-16 TT

1000R20-18 TT

1100R20-18 TT

1200R20-20 TT

1200R24-20 TT

11R22.5-16 TL

11R24.5 -16 TL

12R22.5 -18 TL

295 / 80R22.5-18 TL

315 / 70R22.5-18 TL

13R22.5 -18 TL

315 / 80R22.5-20 TL

385 / 65R22.5-20 TL

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