Supply high quality forklift tire 12-16.5 TL

Supply high quality forklift tire 12-16.5 TL

Product description:

Application type: forklift tire Specifications: 12-16.5 Brand: SAIYANG
Level: 12PR Manufacturer: Weifang Saiyang Tire Co., Ltd.

Specializing in the production of agricultural tires; engineering tire; industrial tires; light truck tires; truck tires and other tire; model is complete; reasonable prices; please call to discuss!

Forklift truck tire traction performance, load, good thermal performance for demanding transport operations in complex terrain conditions.

Industrial forklift widely used in ports, railway stations, airports, garages, factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers and distribution centers, and access to the cabin, loading and unloading, cargo handling operations inside the tray and containers are pallet transport, container transport will essential equipment.

The main supply of industrial forklift tires, forklift tires, the specifications are 4.00-8 5.00-8 6.00-9 7.00-9 6.50-10 7.00-12 8.25-12 8.25-15 18 * 7-828 * 9-15 10-16.5 12- 16.5 13.00-24 14.00-24 like, affordable, quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.

Main Markets: Middle East; Africa; Asia; North and South America

The following tire models and parameters for reference:

Size PR Tube Standard Max load (KG) Pressure Section Overall Dia
Type Rim (KPa) Width (mm) (Mm)
4.00-86 TT3.00D480725112415
5.00-88 TT3.50D845790137470
10 TT9701000
6.00-910 TT4.00E1250860160540
12 TT14151030
6.50-1010 TT5.00F1400790175590
12 TT16001000
7.00-910 TT5.00S1865860190590
7.00-1210 TT5.00S2000800190676
12 TT2060850
8.25-1212 TT6.502950720216735
8.25-1512 TT6.503000700235840
14 TT3250800
16 TT3550925
18*7-814 TT4.33R1840900173465
28*9-1512 TT7.02650825220706
14 TT2900900
10-16.510 TL8.252135525264773
12 TL2375630
12-16.510 TL9.752865450307831
12 TL3075560
13.00-2412 TL24.527253003331278
14 TL24.530003253331278
14.00-2414 TL25.530752503621348
16 TL25.536503503621348

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