Promotional#Intel pentiumn d cpu processors PD-925(3.0GHz 800 MHz Socket 775)with good price\in stock

Promotional#Intel pentiumn d cpu processors PD-925(3.0GHz 800 MHz Socket 775)with good price\in stock

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Products Status: Stock, Used
  • Application: Desktop
  • Processor Brand: Intel
  • Type: Dual-Core
  • Processor Type: Intel Pentium
  • L2 Cache: 4MB
  • Socket Type: LGA 775
  • Main Frequency: 3.0GHz
  • Brand Name: Intel
  • Model Number: Pentium D 925
  • Place of Origin: Malaysia
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Lead Time: 1 -3 working days
  • Spec: used, good appearance

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: tray packing
Delivery Detail: 1-3working days after payment


1. Original, used with 100% tested
2. Competitive prices and High quality
3. Warranty: 1 year
4. Fast delivery, no MOQ limits

Intel pentiumn d cpu processors PD-925 (3.0GHz 800 MHz Socket 775) with good price/ in stock

General Features:

Celeron CPU
1Celeron D326 (2.53GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
2Celeron D331 (2.66GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
3Celeron D336 (2.8GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
4Celeron D346 (3.06GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
5Celeron D347 (3.06GHz, 512KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
6Celeron D352 (3.20GHz, 512KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
7Celeron D355 (3.33GHz, 256KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
8Celeron D356 (3.33GHz, 512KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
9Celeron D360 (3.46GHz, 512KB, 533MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
10Celeron E420 (1.60GHz, 512KB, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
11Celeron E430 (1.80GHz, 512KB, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
12Celeron E440 (2.00GHz, 512KB, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
Pentium 4 CPU
1P4 (520) (2.80GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
2P4 (524) (3.06GHz 1M, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
3P4 (530) (3.0GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
4P4 (531) (3.0GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
5P4 (540) (3.2GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
6P4 (541) (3.2GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
7P4 (550) (3.4GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
8P4 (551) (3.4GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
9P4 (560) (3.6GHz 1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
10P4 (630) (3.0GHz 2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
11P4 (631) (3.0GHz 2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
12P4 (640) (3.2GHz 2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
13P4 (641) (3.2GHz 2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
14P4 (650) (3.4GHz 2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
15P4 (660) (3.6GHz 2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
Pentium D CPU
1PD 805 (2.66GHz 2*1M, 533MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
2PD 820 (2.80GHz 2*1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
3PD 830 (3.00GHz 2*1M, 800MHz, 775pin, 90nm)
4PD 915 (2.80GHz 2*2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
5PD 920 (2.80GHz 2*2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
6PD 925 (3.00GHz 2*2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
7PD 930 (3.00GHz 2*2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
8PD 940 (3.20GHz 2*2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
9PD 945 (3.40GHz 2*2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)
10PD 950 (3.40GHz 2*2M, 800MHz, 775pin, 65nm)