Second-generation card clip MP3 / card mp3 / MP3 / card MP3 without screen

Second-generation card clip MP3 / card mp3 / MP3 / card MP3 without screen

Product description:

Interface: USB 2.0 Features: Clip Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, fairs Model: ORT-c005
Brand: Apple Screen color: No screen Memory Capacity: Package A, Package II, Package III 10000

Package A: Stand-alone MP3 = 6.5

Package II: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box = 9

Package III: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box + charger = 11.5

The machine XI selling point:

First, the exclusive memory function. With fast forward, rewind function

Second, the sound quality is comparable to the force.

Third, the power master, can saving 30%

Fourth, the Board added a new automatic shutdown

Fifth, the second-generation small clip design, the all-plastic matte shell, compact and sophisticated high-end fashion Introduction....;

Sixth, the response to this MP3 headset will occur after a period of time or the case of a single ring off the entire headphone jack, we artificially increase the welding in each board's headphone jack to prevent such situations in.;

Seven, USB data cable for the four core;

Eight, the high-end headphones with heavy bass headset (sound super good, definitely much better than the Apple headphones headphones).

Nine, all the accessories charger, headset, data cable 100% test, the machine is detected more than three times.

Ten `exclusive support MP3 and WMA formats song

Song, not only supports the MP3 format before.

This product is economical and practical, low price, small size, easy operation, pure

MP3 Music Player

She is not only a stylish MP3, is a non-prime fashion, decoration

Goods. Or a U disk ah.

Card clip new packaging