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Angry Birds MP3 / cute / personality / Cartoon MP3 player / card MP3 / support expansion

Angry Birds MP3 / cute / personality / Cartoon MP3 player / card MP3 / support expansion
  • Angry Birds MP3 / cute / personality / Cartoon MP3 player / card MP3 / support expansion
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Recording function: Recording function Model: c008 Brand: Birds
Screen color: No screen Memory Capacity: Package A, Package II, Package three, 100,000 Taiwan Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can

Package A: Stand-alone MP3 = 6.5

Package II: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box = 8.5

Package III: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box + charger = 11

2012 new hot sales !! - Mini Angry Birds card MP3 super cute !!

Function Description:

After 1. USB port connection, the indicator appears on the player fast flashing.

After the 2. USB port to connect PC, press Play, Next, Prev any of a button, you can start 拨放 music; PC External disk out of the end

3. USB Quick start again after playing music in PC, USB interface is removed from the PC, the music stops one second

MP3 music format

SNR 85dB

PC interface mode USB1.

Support OS Win98SE / ME, Win2000, Win XP, Vista

3. Product main features: First, capacity: no, you can use the phone TF card to listen to songs (downloaded songs do not always line up with data) Second, insert TF (Mictro SD) memory card, mobile phone use. small memory card, three colors:...... Rose yellow-red sky blue black silver bronze large purple Description 1, Full Metal Jacket, innovative clip-on design, shape: 45 X 29 X 12 毫米 , ultra-small size weighs less than 30 grams, free entrainment. Simple, elegant and stylish. 2, support a variety of MP3 digital music player music formats. 3, can be used for removable flash disk, MP3 songs or data stored anywhere. 4 , in addition to MP3 and mobile storage disk function. 5, using USB1.1 / 2.0 interface, support hot swap, both interpolation is well spent 6, no external power supply 7, using a variety of operating platforms WIN98 / SE / ME / 2000 / XP.LIUXCORE2.4 above .8, the storage medium. No mechanical components, anti vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference .9, built-in high-energy rechargeable lithium battery, long standby time, continuous play three hours. (Charging only charge two hours ) 10, stylish compact size design, exquisite workmanship beautiful gifts to share and use steps: the TF card into the machine, use the data cable copyed songs, then the power switch to the ON position, press and hold the middle of the (play / pause button), the machine side of the light starts blinking, and then release it. the power switch to the OFF position of achieving shutdown

Feature Overview

• The card, support TF card (that is, the kind of universal phone small memory card, the shop also sold)
• Sound Format: MP3
• Interface: 5PIN, 3.5MM headset
• Battery: Standard 110MA Battery (032,323 without protection board), Life 4H
• Color: yellow pink green, blue and red...

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