Motion MP3 | waterproof MP3 | Outdoor MP3 | a headset MP3 | headset MP3 Running / ear hook MP3

Motion MP3 | waterproof MP3 | Outdoor MP3 | a headset MP3 | headset MP3 Running / ear hook MP3

Product description:

Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, wedding Model: 265 Features: Necklace
Brand: Sony Screen color: No screen Memory capacity: 2GB
Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can

Instruction manual:

1. When charging the switch to ON, with charger, probably two or three hours to fully charge; charging with a computer should also switch to ON, with a computer fast charging is generally not more than two hours (Please buy Note home charging method, have questions, please contact customer service);

2. wearing headphones approach: the size of the wear side tone sound in the left ear, wearing after the back from the front line around the ears; then wear the headset on the right; after wear line is placed behind the neck; If the headset is a little loose, you can put two-ear headphones to go into a little bit, do not be too tight, the outside end of the headset is stuck in the ear, so it will not run out; If, after a little wear to the line length can be made to Under the direction of rotation about the front two headphone, so lines and a half around the ears;

3. The actual available memory is probably ninety-two% of total memory because the machine's software to account for differences in point of memory and calculation methods;

4. Related Functions: volume on a next, playback pause, shuffle the order of play, the power button, reset;

5. The order of play and shuffle switch: Press SHUF button, the blue light turned red, which is random playing status; press SHUF key, red light into blue light, which is the order of play state;

6. The single loop settings: first create a folder, you want to repeat a song into them; play the song when press random key SHUF;

7. When copying songs to note that some songs seem mp3 format, but may actually be mp2, mp3 player may recognize this or not, or a defective copy of the songs, which may lead to mp3 player is running No, the solution is to get stuck when playing songs deleted; if you do not know which song, you can put the songs stored in the computer, and then the player memory is empty.