Ou Qiya 2.8 inch MP5 MP5 iphone Mobile | Apple MP4 3.0 inch 2G4G / 8G / 16G / 32G

Ou Qiya 2.8 inch MP5 MP5 iphone Mobile | Apple MP4 3.0 inch 2G4G / 8G / 16G / 32G

Product description:

Screen size: 2.8 (inches) Interface: USB 2.0 Custom processing:
Printed LOGO: can OEM: OEM unavailable GPS function: No GPS function
Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, business gifts, wedding, trade fairs, anniversary celebration, opening ceremony Model: ORE-2805 Speakers: the speaker
Camera: a camera Brand: orcia Storage media: Flash
Support audio formats: Other Warranty: One year Screen Color: 26 million colors
Memory capacity: 128-16G

The above prices for nesting prices excluding chips

• Display: 2.8 inches 4: 3 320x240 TFT Touch Screen
• camera, camera features: 30W camera, can be interpolated 2 million to support 1.3 million, can be interpolated 5 million to support PC Camera, with flash function
• Video: Support AVI, FLV, 3GP format video playback, maximum support 320X240 resolution
• Music Appreciation: support APE, MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, WAV ACC, FLAC and other formats playback, support 3D sound and SRS mode
• Support multi-tasking capabilities, while listening to music while watching the books can
• Picture browsing: support JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, and can be set to your desktop
• Tuner / Game: support (optional)
• Support Tools: Calendar, stopwatch and calculator
• eBook / Recording: Support
• Outer ring features: support (single speaker)
• Language Support: Support for 18 languages
• Video output: comes TVOUT
• Capacity Expansion: Support TF card capacity 128MB ~ 8GB
• The single maximum support 16GB FLASH stickers

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