Ou Qiya | Miffy Miffy MP3 | MP3 with a tail cute bunny

Ou Qiya | Miffy Miffy MP3 | MP3 with a tail cute bunny

Product description:

Occasions for gifts : Birthday Model : ORT- k308 Game features : Game features are not supported
Features : Cartoon Brand : ORCIA E-book reader : Does not support e-book
Screen color : No screen Memory Capacity : 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB

Feng Digital Designs source manufactured by the Soviet Union to Digital Marketing
Machine -shaped Features
Rabbit ears " behind the headphone jack and lanyard hole ;
Left arm 'is a manual switch ;
Right arm 'for the audio conversion;
Tails ' up and down can change songs, adjust the volume

Has a red / yellow / blue / green / coffee colored clothing protective sleeve, heart full dress anthropomorphic
32 * 32 * 66mm
product weight
Audio Performance
Design Type
Music format
Universal of large battery
Induction Power
Plug in headphones boot, unplug shutdown
Other Description
Bit rate : MP3 (8Kbps-320Kbps)
Battery Power
Life time
12 hours
System / Interface
Chip Solution
Actions professional audio chip

Storage Performance

Storage capacity
1 / 2GB / 4 / 8G