Ou Qiya (ORT-C018) insert card MP3 MP3 Aidi Ou Ring Ring slings MP3

Ou Qiya (ORT-C018) insert card MP3 MP3 Aidi Ou Ring Ring slings MP3

Product description:

Recording function: No recording function Interface: USB 2.0 Game features: Game features are not supported
Features: Other E-book reader: Does not support e-book Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: No Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, opening ceremony Model: ORT-C018
Direct recording function: No direct recording function Brand: ORCIA Screen color: No screen
Memory capacity: Card FM function: No FM function

The above price is single price, this machine can do with memory

Steps for usage:

Download songs steps: 1) plug TF card, connect the data cable to the machine's switch to ON, start the download
2) After the download is complete, quit on a computer disk, remove the MP3 from the data line, the switch to OFF, the download is complete.
Treasurer Tip: This MP3 to card connected to the computer to find the mobile disk

Play a song using the steps: the MP3 switch to ON, the red light starts flashing, the music starts playing, then you can use the + / - buttons to adjust the volume, select a song with ((or)), is used later finished please switch to OFF

Note: when charging the switch to the ON position, not more than 2 hours per charge, remember.!

India needs to select the metal material logo