Ou Qiya Aquarius MP3 | Necklace MP3 | touch sensitive MP3

Ou Qiya Aquarius MP3 | Necklace MP3 | touch sensitive MP3

Product description:

Gift object : Customers, leadership, subordinates, foreigners Occasions for gifts : Fair Gift purposes : public relations gift
Capacity : 128-16G Interface : USB 2.0 Brand : Ou Qiya
Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can Data transfer rate : 15 (KB / s)
OEM: can OEM

Battery Type: Built -in lithium battery

Design: exquisite body and headset integrated, full time Shang Huagui

Portable necklace, portable concert!


Touch-sensitive buttons on the built- efficient lithium battery ;

According to the function schematic headset connected to the corresponding jack 2 seconds to automatically start playing music ;

Unplug the headphone plug to shutdown switch players realize all intelligent operation ;

Volume increase : Long touch the VOL +; volume down : long touch VOL-;

On one : short touch BACK key; the next one : short touch NEXT key ;

Charging time : one hour; continuous playback time : 4 hours ;

Support music format : MP3 / WMA

Ultra- small body : ( Dimensions ) 43 * 15 * 10.2mm

Feel the technology brings life, shock your auditory and visual !