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Ou Qiya (ORT-N205) anti waterproof MP3 | sports MP3 | High Quality | waterproof

Ou Qiya (ORT-N205) anti waterproof MP3 | sports MP3 | High Quality | waterproof
  • Ou Qiya (ORT-N205) anti waterproof MP3 | sports MP3 | High Quality | waterproof
Product code: 20390800001
Unit price: 50-88 CNY
Reference price: 7.27-12.79 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Brand: ORCIA Model: ORT-N205 Screen color: No screen
FM function: No FM function Recording function: No recording function Direct recording function: No direct recording function
Game features: Game features are not supported E-book reader: Does not support e-book Features: Other
Occasions for gifts: Business gifts Printed LOGO: can Custom processing:
Memory capacity: 512 M 1g 2g 4g 8g

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Summer tourism appears there are two things are common: One is often rains, came quickly to the disease was also, believe it was pouring like a drowned rat The other thing is hot, often sweating and Electronics products, in general, are afraid of the water. Imagine you while enjoying the scenery while listening to music, suddenly a handful of blisters, bad machine, pecuniary loss, mental injury, would not Wohuo? intoxicated or scorching Liege music world love machine quietly forgotten sweat soaked through the inner member, will certainly be sad! If the belt is not afraid of water, MP3, both afraid Meng pouring rain, not afraid of fragrant perspiration dripping, not Yoshiya? yes ah, the summer has been to, Maybe you about packed their bags, to go the distance explore secret friends, maybe things being pondered rain. NA me well, in order to allow you to have a relaxing holiday, I am special to the music-loving friends who introduced several afraid Water MP3 player for you to choose from.

The waterproof MP3 design new and unique, and is equipped with an armband, you can use the morning jogging, you can swim, surf, jogging, bath, shower sauna, massage when using the product completely waterproof, waterproof MP3, waterproof headphones. Headphones are special metal head design, after inserting the headphone jack, then rotate, it will be inserted into the hole is completely closed to prevent water from entering. If winter comes, you can wear those sporty MP3 skiing, jogging in the morning, summer, you can swimming, go to the beach sunbathing, travel time, wear it, climbing play Is your campaign to share, allowing you to enjoy the good music, enjoy the fresh taste of life. This waterproof sports MP3 lightweight and convenient, just two hours electric charge can use 8 hours, scratch-resistant aluminum shell, adding beautiful appearance