Andrews MP3 | plug Kaan Zhuo robot MP3 | Cartoon MP3 | MP3 Fashion

Andrews MP3 | plug Kaan Zhuo robot MP3 | Cartoon MP3 | MP3 Fashion

Product description:

Recording function: No recording function Interface: USB 2.0 Game features: Game features are not supported
Features: Cartoon E-book reader: Does not support e-book Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, opening ceremony Model: OR
Direct recording function: No direct recording function Brand: OEM Screen color: No screen
Memory Capacity: Package A, Package II, Package three, 10,000 FM function: FM function

Package A: Stand-alone MP3 = 6.8

Package II: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box = 9.5

Package III: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box + charger = 11.5


First, capacity: no, you can use the phone TF card to listen to songs (downloaded songs do not always line up with data).

Second, insert TF (Mictro SD) memory card, mobile phone with a small memory card.

Three colors: red, blue, green black and silver.

Detailed description

1, plastic shell, innovation lavalier design, shape: 45 X 29 X 12 mm, ultra-small size weighs less than 30 grams, free entrainment simple, elegant and stylish...

2, supports a variety of MP3 music format, digital music player.

3, can be used for removable flash disk, MP3 songs or data stored anywhere.

4. Can make TF card reader.

5, in addition to MP3 and mobile storage disk function.

6, using USB1.1 / 2.0 interface, support hot swap, both interpolation is well spent

7, no external power supply

8, using a variety of operating platforms WIN98 / SE / ME / 2000 / XP.LIUXCORE2.4 above.

9, the storage medium. No mechanical components, anti vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference.

10 built-in high-energy rechargeable lithium battery, long standby time.

11, the stylish compact size design, exquisite workmanship beautiful gift.

Use the following method:

The TF card MP3 metal electrode surface facing front insert (thumb nail press), the data cable to the computer power switch Kaoru song:. ON (open), OFF (off) (when charging please open appropriated 'ON'. , 1.5 hours per charge)


First, connect computer USB port charging, MP3 charger to time do not charge more than 2.5 hours.

Or easily create MP3 built-in lithium battery failure and damage.

Second, please do not concern charging MP3 or charger indicator is What kind of state, 2.5 hours power on

Filled, MP3 or charger indicator will not change any state when fully charged.

Third, the time on a computer connected to a single USB port do not exceed 2.5 hours, MP3 to pull out from the computer

, It must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the computer operating system, first remove the hardware before unplugging the MP3. Otherwise easily result in the loss of MP3 player software program.

Fourth, the new machine in normal use, please do not be by the MP3 player firmware upgrade.

Buyer Note: 1. Purchase all goods postage by the buyers themselves, Rework return postage buyers themselves but also the quality OK, do not provide return, if there are quality problems please send back to repair, such as when the buyer orders. There are special requirements please give details, please buyers get the goods to us today to confirm receipt, thank you!

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