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Ou Qiya (Orcia) OORT-P401 single MP3 | Screen clip MP3 | High quality

Ou Qiya (Orcia) OORT-P401 single MP3 | Screen clip MP3 | High quality
  • Ou Qiya (Orcia) OORT-P401 single MP3 | Screen clip MP3 | High quality
Product code: 20390100001
Unit price: 37-50 CNY
Reference price: 5.38-7.27 USD
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Other info: Per piece
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Voice recording: voice recording Interface: USB 1.1 Game features: unsupported games
Features: clips, recording Books: no support Weight: 107 (g)
For gift-giving occasions: public relations plan, opening ceremony, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, fairs, Halloween Model: ORT-P402 Direct recording: no direct record feature
Brand: Ou Qiya (ORCIA) Support audio format: MP3 Screen color: single color screen
Memory capacity: 128MB/256MB/512MB/1GB/2GB/4GB FM function: no FM function Battery life: 8 (hours)

1, exquisite appearance, full metal jacket, new clip-on design, small volume, can be attached. Simple, elegant and fashionable.

2, supports MP1, MP2, MP3, music formats of digital music players.

3, can be used for mobile Flash disk, and store MP3 songs

4. beautiful music sound quality, the perfect music to enjoy.

5, MP3 and portable disk feature.

6, high-energy rechargeable built-in lithium battery, long standby time.

7, stylish small form factor design, beautiful and exquisite workmanship, gifts.

8, can be displayed in three languages, show song information, display Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English lyrics.

9, you can switch 7 preset EQ modes, such as: natural, rock, pop, classic, soft, heavy bass.

10, 7 toggles the playing State in play mode, such as normal mode, single cycle, directory playback, full loop, shuffle, reports available for playback.

Instructions for use

1, MP3 is on, switch to ON.

2, press the play key for 2 seconds to start playing. Status light starts blinking.

3, press the play button again, started in a paused state.

4, press to adjust the volume open adjust size.

5, adjusted according to the before and after listening to the song.

6, stopping playback, press pause, the host is in a paused state.

7, will switch to the OFF state. Shutdown is complete.

Your MP3 can be used as USB flash drive to store data, please note the following:

1, connect the MP3 SHUFFLE to your computer.

2, MP3 SHUFFLE as an extension at this time, you want to store the data, it is best to establish a separate folder.

3, save disk when you are finished, make sure to ' safely remove hardware ' then remove the MP3 SHUFFLE.

Solutions to problems can be resolved through action, here are specific ways:

Question 1: If the MP3 SHUFFLE will not power on or there is no response!

Press the play button for 3 seconds until the blue status led begins to Flash, if it still does not respond, please plug the MP3 into a high-energy computer USB2.0 interface. Recharge attempts. Then turn the MP3 off for 5 seconds, and then open the try.

Question 2: If the MP3 does not play songs!

Make sure your headphones cable is already connected, or the volume is turned on, if it still doesn't work, please press the play key again for 3 seconds.

Question 3: If you connect the MP3 to your computer, but do not respond!

Please plug the MP3 into a USB interface USB2.0 and try again, make sure you fully connected with the computer. Turn off the MP3 5 seconds before trying to connect, make sure your computer system is functioning properly.

Matters needing attention

One charge connect computer USB interfaces, and please do not use charger for charging the MP3 for more than 4 hours, otherwise easily lead to MP3 built-in lithium battery failure and damage.

Second, please do not pay attention when charging the MP3 or what kind of charger led is State, 4 hour filled, full charge MP3 or the charger led will not change in any State.

Three, one connected to the computer USB port of time not to exceed 3 hours MP3 when it pulled out from the computer, must be strictly in accordance with the computer's operating system requirements, remove the hardware and then unplug the MP3. Otherwise easily cause loss of MP3 player software program.

Four new aircraft in normal use, please do not format the MP3 player or the firmware upgrade

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