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Ou Qiya | Sport MP3 | head-mounted MP3 | MP3 sport earhook headset MP3

Ou Qiya | Sport MP3 | head-mounted MP3 | MP3 sport earhook headset MP3
  • Ou Qiya | Sport MP3 | head-mounted MP3 | MP3 sport earhook headset MP3
Product code: 20390000001
Unit price: 10-42 CNY
Reference price: 1.46-6.12 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Brand: ORCIA Model: ORT-K309 Screen size: 0 (inch)
Support audio formats: mp3 Speakers: No Speakers Camera: No camera
Interface: USB 2.0 GPS function: No GPS function OEM: can OEM
Warranty: One year Occasions for gifts: Fair Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: Memory capacity: 128M to 16G

Sony do this, neutral can also be customized customer's logo

When playing Duration: 5-8 hours

Support music: MP3 WMA

Since the launch of the new Sony NWZ-W202 sports MP3 player, it has been well received by sports fans of concern, but also because of its high price prohibitive expensive. We now launch OME version of the W202, a low price to enjoy the fun of sports music !!

Choose our reasons:

1. This paragraph is the import of high-grade paint, color full, uniform, very bright color, it is highly recommended dispensers, compared with ordinary, shell material is more resistant

2. This section uses a thickening 160MA battery, and additional power saving IC.

3. OUR paragraph used a Samsung FLASH chip, performance is very stable, unlike the use of South Korea's Hyundai chips generally are used in the OEM version of modern or poor chip comparison, Samsung's chip performance stability, we can go to the relevant website for Samsung chip prices to be higher than many modern chips.

(Note): When to MP3 charger, be sure to hit the key to open the ON position, usually 2 to 3 hours can be filled, press the left and right shift key is to switch songs, long press to adjust the volume.

For sports lovers, Walkman NWZ-W252 is more suitable for sports, is the perfect partner for your sports and fitness:, NWZ-W252 head-mounted design allows users to exercise while enjoying high sound quality music;

In the design, Walkman NWZ-W252 supports high-quality WAV format playback to meet your demand for high sound quality, but also as Sony's first wireless MP3 music player, NWZ-W252 built-in 2GB of storage space

Currently, in order to meet the arrival of the National Day, against this unique little guy.