The new King Kong small clip MP3 / card without screen clip MP3 player / sports clips / metal MP3 wholesale

The new King Kong small clip MP3 / card without screen clip MP3 player / sports clips / metal MP3 wholesale

Product description:

Game features: Game features are not supported Features: Clip E-book reader: Does not support e-book
Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: Model: OR
Brand: OEM Screen color: No screen FM function: No FM function
Memory Capacity: Package A, Package II, Package III

Package A: Stand-alone MP3 = 6.8 元

Package II: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box = 9 yuan

Package III: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box + charger = 10.7 yuan

The new Diamond Clip MP3 water chestnut design surface irregularities, and the other uses aluminum alloy case. Not only look beautiful, but durable., The other in support of the song, the next one and also support fast forward and rewind.

Optional accessories are their customers, the price reference packages, the following is not a standard

Download songs Methods:

Plug in the memory card (TF card small card that is commonly used in cell phone memory cards. We also have to sell) with a data cable to connect directly to MP3 songs can be downloaded on your computer, so on.

Steps for usage:

1. Insert a memory card

2, the power switch to ON

3, wait a few seconds the machine light starts blinking, indicating the start playing a song

4, plug in your headphones to the headphone jack and immediately you can enjoy the music

5, the power switch to the OFF position of achieving shutdown.

6. The individual buyers appear headphones with noise, please insert in the end, if not inserted in the end there may be individual buyers said murmur, such as hopping just machines rightward for songs not in the past, can shutdown reopened, then towards left to select other songs a few times, then turn right and you can too, such as the beginning of the left appear above, please press the above reverse operation, because just getting machine, the machine detected may be the last one, so do not jump In the past, the reverse operation can loop it! if it was okay, intended to build try changing the card, some domestic small card quality does not ruffle stable, will not lead to sing case in the past, we plug in your headphones or data cable, Please hand against the other side, so as not to force the transition, insert bad machine.