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Ou Qiya | belt screen MP3 | Hot MP3 | U head with dual-color MP3

Ou Qiya | belt screen MP3 | Hot MP3 | U head with dual-color MP3
  • Ou Qiya | belt screen MP3 | Hot MP3 | U head with dual-color MP3
Product code: 20389000001
Unit price: 10 CNY  (1.46 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Recording function: No recording function Screen size: 1.1 (inches) Interface: USB 2.0
Game features: Game features are not supported Features: pen E-book reader: Does not support e-book
Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, fairs, awards to commemorate
Model: ORT-D107 Direct recording function: No direct recording function Brand: orcia
Screen Color: 26 million colors Memory capacity: 128-16G FM function: FM function
Life time: 4-5 (h)

The above prices for nesting prices excluding chips

Product Performance

1, listening to music for a long time, stable quality, durable, the machine itself has two headphone jack, two pairs of headphones while listening to music can make you and your friends in the car, on the way to enjoy the beautiful music together! In on the market Officially find good MP3, it is rare rare!

2, this product uses black and white shell and combined with a very modern sporty lines, elegant fashion. Built-in lithium battery, with a total weight of only 35 g (with battery). Watch the product as a whole, but this is a very suitable for young fashion new men and women, the product compact, decorative, easy to carry.

3, the function, using the popular color display, with screen saver function, and there is more than one screen saver animations for users to choose, in order to meet the individual needs of users; support for MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV and other common music formats, real to achieve a versatile format player. In addition, the product set of digital recording, AB repeat function to read than practical, high-speed mobile storage, such as one, and to provide natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, heavy bass so on up to seven kinds of sound mode and normal mode, single cycle, directory broadcast, catalog circulation, random play, browse play seven play modes for users to choose, compared to other similar products, it is a powerful feature, really considerate place to fully meet the needs of different users.

(product description)

• Music: Support MP3, music format.
• Recording function: built-in microphone, recording, recording can pause (more than 100 hours of continuous recording)
• Removable Storage: You can make U disk storage file, win2000 above without driver.
• Repeat function: choose to fragment repeat or contrast repeat, realizing real digital repeat function.
• sound modes: seven kinds of sound mode, natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, heavy bass

• Playback modes: normal mode, single cycle, directory, broadcast, catalog circulation, full circle, random play, browse play.

• Text reading: do not only listen to music but also to read the novel.
• Supply mode: built-in lithium battery.
• Other features: shutdown memory, memory status query functions
• Sound Chip: MP3 used in this paragraph is the famous west code scheme, coupled with South Korea's Samsung chip, pure sound.
• Lyrics synchronization: support synchronous lyrics display
• CD record straight: now you can enroll their favorite things through CD, VCD, DVD, computers, MP3, etc. can all playback devices