The new C key mp3- lovely card without screen clip mp3- mirror - movement without screen clip mp3

The new C key mp3- lovely card without screen clip mp3- mirror - movement without screen clip mp3

Product description:

Recording function: No recording function Features: cartoon, clip Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: Occasions for gifts: Opening ceremony, business gifts, anniversary celebrations, wedding, celebration, advertising promotions, awards to commemorate Model: ORT-c006
Direct recording function: No direct recording function Brand: Ou Qiya Support audio formats: mp3
Screen color: No screen FM function: No FM function Memory capacity: 10,000 units, Package A, Package II, Package III

Package A: Stand-alone MP3 + opp bag = 6.8

Package II: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box = 9

Package III: Stand-alone MP3 + earphone + cable + box + charger = 11.5

MP3 using the largest and most full battery

Now with the new square thick package (thick, more beautiful, shipped small)

Use products and procedures

For new TF card into the reader must first be formatted into your computer, the format as FAT32 or FAT, then copy into song, called an initialization process, the empty card can be plugged directly into this new card product connected via data lines to a computer, then the computer is able to read the disk, you must first initialize the process above can be downloaded songs to a memory card.

Download songs steps:

1) Plug in TF card, connect the data cable to the machine's switch to any position can start the download.
2) After the download is complete, quit on a computer disk, remove the MP3 from the data line, the download is complete.
Treasurer Tip: This MP3 to card connected to the computer to find the mobile disk

Play a song using the steps:

The MP3 switch to ON, the warning lamp starts blinking, the music starts playing, then you can use the + / - buttons to adjust the volume, select a song with ((or)), is to ask after you are finished using the switch to OFF

About Charging steps:

Charging switch to any position can shop plus charger IC protection does not matter how long wanted to charge, each charge of 3-4 hours at full power. (Note: the general market with IC protection charger is not easy MP3 lithium battery is damaged, very safe)

The TF card MP3 metal electrode surface facing front insert (thumb nail press), the data cable to the computer power switch Kaoru song:. ON (open), OFF (off) (can not run while charging, per charge 3- 4 hours)

First, when connected to the computer USB interface to charge for MP3 charging time please do not more than four hours, or easily create MP3 built-in lithium battery failure and damage.
Second, please do not concern charging MP3 or charger indicator is What kind of state, 3-4 hours on full power, MP3 or charger indicator will not change any state when fully charged.
Third, the time on a computer connected to a single USB port do not exceed 4 hours, MP3 to pull out from the computer, it must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the computer operating system, first remove the hardware before unplugging the MP3. Or easily create MP3 player lost software program.
Fourth, the new machine in normal use, please do not be by the MP3 player firmware upgrade.


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