Supply Coke Portable Speaker | Cute cartoon sound stereo radio with outdoor speakers | creative gifts strange new sound

Supply Coke Portable Speaker | Cute cartoon sound stereo radio with outdoor speakers | creative gifts strange new sound

Product description:

  • Kara Ok features: other
  • Output Power: 20 W
Detailed description:
Brand: Coke model: c02 Occasions for gifts: Advertising and promotion, trade fairs
Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: It is

1. Coke shape, there are two kinds of Pepsi and delicious.

2. The loud, deep and powerful bass, treble, transparent clear

3. Support TF disk, automatically read MP3 audio files

4. Support headphone output

5. a breakpoint memory function

6. AUX audio output can be connected to the computer, cell phone, MP3, MP4, etc., to play its inherent song

7. Built-in lithium battery

9. Multiple Charging Options

1. riding bike - can be placed in backpack kettle position, the maximum volume, the best sound quality, powerful bass effect, strong power endurance.

2. Mount journey music player - can be placed on mountaineering bag kettle bit, music accompanied all the way to eliminate fatigue journey.
3. Children storytelling, storytelling - since no mother to spend a lot of energy to talk, to hear the baby, my mother also save assured.
4. no longer limited to using a computer, heart anytime, anywhere to enjoy music.
5. Young students in a family - go party, picnic, entertainment, easy to carry, my music is not restricted '
6. elderly music lovers - accompanied by music, let your parents no longer lonely!

Music is a situation; sharing is a joy; there is a happy place; there will be music; let the music fly

Enhance the quality of life, special cola shape, release the desire for music. (Box heart action, Coke) This is a superb mini speakers, international classic design style, simple and smooth lines and stylish appearance, in line with the modern aesthetic point of view. the sound quality is excellence, pure and clear treble sounds of nature, sweet and mellow tenor, bass vigorous shape pocket Hi-Fi was able to have a level of performance; Beyond international brands; people feel every penny spent value for money

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U disk; MP3; MP4; MP5; eBook; MID; Tablet PC; SD card; TF (Phone memory) cards and the like.

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