Supply Sony SonyORT-K309 a headset MP3 | sports MP3 | earhook MP3 | Gift MP3

Supply Sony SonyORT-K309 a headset MP3 | sports MP3 | earhook MP3 | Gift MP3

Product description:

Brand: Sony Sony Model: ORT-K309
  • The crowd: Friends / classmates / colleagues
  • Origin: China
  • screen: other
  • capacity: other
  • price: 50-100
  • Product Type: Pure Audio MP3
Detailed description:

product manual:

Memory: 2GB / 4GB

Support music: MP3

Choose our reasons:

1. This paragraph is the import of high-grade paint, color full, uniform, very bright color, it is highly recommended dispensers, compared with ordinary, shell material is more resistant

2. This section uses a thickening 160MA battery, and additional power saving IC.

3. OUR paragraph used a Samsung FLASH chip, performance is very stable, unlike the use of South Korea's Hyundai chips generally are used in the OEM version of modern or poor chip comparison, Samsung's chip performance stability, we can go to the relevant website for Samsung chip prices to be higher than many modern chips.

(Note): When to MP3 charger, be sure to hit the key to open the ON position, usually 2 to 3 hours can be filled, press the left and right shift key is to switch songs, long press to adjust the volume.

Quote website are nesting nesting quotes are free memory needs to go into the finished product (Shell plus PCBA board + packaging = nesting). Nesting price is not a finished product prices need to go into the details directly to your style and your needs Number of online way to discuss or inquire to us we will give you the finished product prices directly reported
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