Supply SONY W202 sports MP3 | wireless movement MP3 | head-mounted MP3

Supply SONY W202 sports MP3 | wireless movement MP3 | head-mounted MP3

Product description:

Brand: ORCIA Model: ORT-K309
Detailed description:

To rid itself of the shackles of the era of the ear line, and to a friend who recommended subsection export hot new products!

Ultra-fashionable sports MP3!

Jogging; sports; climbing; the perfect companion for outdoor tourism non earplug type;! Headphone models; give ear wireless and enjoy!

Name: NWZ-W202 OEM version

Memory: 2-8GB

When playing Duration: 6 hours

Support music: MP3 WMA

Available colors: Cool black / pale / white

This product is a very stable market in classic Moments power program, Samsung's chip , Can play MP3 and WMA audio formats.

Since the launch of the new Sony NWZ-W202 sports MP3 player, it has been well received by sports fans of concern, but also because of its high price prohibitive expensive. We now launch OME version of the W202, a low price to enjoy the fun of sports music !!

Official standard (MP3): data cable; jams instructions; packing; charger

Main features: small form factor; simple and stylish Sony Walkman series NWZ-W202 MP3 player; will wear it on your ear; feel it brings you to wear new experience; get rid of the headphone cable to tie him down; participation in fitness; leisure Out or fashion party; enjoy high-quality music to your heart free music listening experience

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