Supply Ou Qiya (orcia) heart-shaped necklace MP3 MP3 MP3 couples with heart lock touch MP3

Supply Ou Qiya (orcia) heart-shaped necklace MP3 MP3 MP3 couples with heart lock touch MP3

Product description:

Brand: orcia Model: ORT-K315
  • screen: other
  • capacity: other
  • price: 200 or less
  • Product Type: Pure Audio MP3
Detailed description:

Because love is born, the couple MP3 with your romantic Meet

With his fingers intertwined; listening to songs in the romantic walk on the beach or want to love vows quietly recorded;?? Let her surprise in deeply moved also, or you want cool and beautiful From accompany lovers about; let him (her) in the future every day; can calmly confident; former Happy romantic idea about all this;? I do not know if you've found the right messenger to express love NA me take a look designed for? Introducing a couple of lovers MP3 bar; everyone who are interested; you can try to send it to express their love yo!

Couple MP3 uses a unique split heart-shaped 'design, publicity clear, straightforward style, as if two people know and love cuddling together, together for warmth, mutual care, mutual care, and bright red is full of deep love, Song of concentration this picture is simply another happy than this! The buttons are also used touch mode, when the hit the red button, the button immediately flashed a beautiful red, a touch of red 'in the effect is immediately apparent, not only will the machine fashion, the trend of qualities, most vividly, even more you can smoothly operate in the dark of the night. At the same time, less mechanical friction, high durability keys, use time more long, let your expression of love longer. The ingenuity of hanging portable design, as a separate necklace jewelry worn on the chest, its ingenious, fun-filled with music Rhythm dancing passion. Narrow body surface treatment process, enjoy sports, the city became the girl's fashion label.

MP3 lovers not only novel and unique in shape, but the connotation of a very powerful music features. It not only supports MP3, WMA and other music formats player, listen to soothing, immersive, but also all cycle, more good music freedom to control, in this loving holiday, let you indulge in the couple to create a romantic MP3, pure music world. In addition, 2GB of storage capacity, a favorite song Can enjoy admission, Philharmonic interests match the girl, but also fit men Kuanbo mind.

Shiyao waiting, like in this romantic Valentine's Day with his wife in pairs, together with the wonderful sounds of nature immersed in the magical world of music, it would quickly buy for himself and his wife on behalf of love and romance Bar a couple of MP3 players, bring the music, to witness the sweetness of love.


Music Appreciation: Support MP3; WMA format music player; pure music enjoyment transparent;
Exquisite Appearance: Split heart-shaped design; attractive appearance; Designed for couples to build;
Dual Player: Built-in dual players; they both share; concentric Stamp; best couple pretty ornaments;
Fashion buttons: simple two-button infrared touch buttons, operations;
Portable design: Hanging design, compact body, easy to carry.
Couples MP3 (1GB * 2) Designs

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