Supply MS-620P unis MP4 / MP5 MS620P 3.0 inch | pictures

Supply MS-620P unis MP4 / MP5 MS620P 3.0 inch | pictures

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Brand: orcia Model: ORE-1806
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Purple MS-620P

With fm; camera, camera 4GB; support tf card; grand public by the end of November 2010

Support 20 kinds of audio and video formats versatile player
Built-in FM radio function

TFT screen: 3.0-inch 16: 9 digital LCD screen
FM FM: philips5767 professional radio module, the perfect support for campus radio reception (optional)
Video Player: Support AVI / RM / RMVB / WMV / MP4 / and many other video formats
Music player: supports MP3 / WMA / WAV and other music players
Stereo sound: seven kinds of sound + Microsoft Play FX professional sound, support send
Picture browsing: high definition JPG / GIF / BMP picture browsing
Lyrics: song title, artist and lyrics display; make your experience anytime, anywhere Kara OK
Digital Audio: Built-in high definition microphone, high-quality recording and ordinary recording for your choice
Multiple tasks: multithreaded task model, while listening to music while watching the books
Resource Management: a powerful data manager; can be any storage of file browsing; playback; delete functions
Text reading: TXT e-books; unique bookmark function; easy to read at any time

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Simple look - unusual features

RMVB support maximum resolution: 1024 * 576

MP4 format supports a maximum resolution; 1024 * 576

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mp5 FAQ

1. WHY pushed up the switch does not boot?
A: Please always switch the machine on the side of the push to the top, then press the machine below the front of the M key long press 3 seconds on it.

2. ruffle can not return?
A: Long press M return, short press M is confirmed.

3. How to take pictures?
A into the camera interface, press V loom above it, and then enter the browse pictures you can see your photos up.

4. How to adjust the sound volume?
A: You can play a video or MP3, when, according to the top left and right and then press the V key can be adjusted.

5. WHY charging fully satisfied, with a short while, there is no electricity?
A: Please always switch the machine on the side of the open charging (Push to ON) position when not in use must be closed switch, it would be much better.

More than a few common problems; we want to help; thank you


Body: 90mm * 52mm * 10mm L * W * H (Display: 63 mm * 37mm L * W)

Movie function

Support RM, RMVB, AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, formats and other video formats without conversion. (Part of the video resolution is too high due to incomplete or video, partially damaged and other reasons can not play).

Memory / socket

4G (Samsung original top FLASH) / can be inserted TF card to expand memory

Display / Backlight

216 million color high-definition display screen resolution: 480 * 240

Picture Viewer

Support JPG, BMP, PNG formats picture, the picture can be multi-angle rotation.


You can read TXT text documents! And support while listening to music while reading e-books, with a bookmark function.

Play Mode

Loop; the order of play; single cycle; single player multi-player mode selection


With lyrics synchronization function; support LRC format lyrics; easy to learn song


) = 85dB (the higher the sound quality; reach 60dB is qualified products; more than 80 high-quality)

Sound mode

A variety of sound

Recording / repeat

Built-in MIC, support WAV format audio direct recording, you can choose to fragment repeat or contrast repeat, realizing real digital repeat function.

Playback Formats

Support MP3; WMA; WAV format audio playback

Game features


Other features

Support firmware upgrade;
Breakpoint play: caring for you to record movie playback progress, more convenient to use
System settings: (Display Settings) - (System Settings) - (desktop settings) - (language) - (System Information) Browser: Powerful resource manager, and convenient list of files and folders management, and any storage of file browsing , delete.

FM Radio

stand by


stand by

USB Interface

USB2.0 (compatible with USB1.1)

play time

About 3 to 6 hours of video (and film format mode of operation is directly related to the volume of other reasons)

Support System

Windows 2000 / XP / Vista


Built-in lithium battery (USB charging or power charger can be both),

Random gift accessories

Charger, USB cable, 3.5mm headphones, universal manuals, warranty cards (gift Annex genus perishables; no warranty; without replacement)

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U disk; MP3; MP4; MP5; eBook; MID; Tablet PC; SD card; TF (Phone memory) cards and the like.

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