Wholesale and retail entertainment pioneer

Wholesale and retail entertainment pioneer

Product description:

Brand: Ou Qiya (orcia) Model: z
Detailed description:

MP3 function:

Set MP3, storage, network TV functions in one.

Memory card support: TF card

Display: None

Outside the ring function: Does not support

Color: pink / black / purple / blue

Built-in high-energy rechargeable lithium battery.


* Plug-in MP3 player small form factor; simple; fine

Cause, fashion.

* Support MP3; WMA; WAV music format digital audio

Music playback.

* Built dianshi function, you can always surf the web dianshi.

* Do USB removable flash disk, anytime, anywhere storage MP3

Song or data.

* The use of high-end solutions and high-quality chips, sound better


The United States, more stable performance.


* USB head design directly into the computer's USB port charge


Electricity, no charger, easy and convenient.



TV function:

1. Free receiving a plurality 1000 TV Global, thousands

Radio stations, hundreds of games.

2. USB2.0 port, plug and play, free installation.

Free search.

3. English language switching.

4. synchronized FREE product upgrades bring enjoyment


5, built-in a variety of players. Multi-channel quantity, quality


6, Compact Mode. Entertainment and other work can be simultaneously

OK, well let you enjoy Internet TV brings to you


7, background server licence management, a machine one yard.

Not copy copy, use of safety.

8; strong background support; professional database with 24

Two-hour service.

Shenzhen Ou Qiya Electronics Co., Ltd. sincerely welcome friends home and abroad to discuss production and processing OEM, foreign trade, technical cooperation. We will continue to improve and innovate, expand its product areas, provide more series products reward our customers and society !

This product Exquisite appearance more elegant and powerful alloy case, usb program Plug the receiver accepts thousands of channels, lifetime free; mp3 sustainable use of six hours charging time; u disk memory free to expand as needed; Memory card freely read.... More surprises will be presented immediately in your hands, if you want you can immediately enjoy, entertainment upgrade, waiting for you to Oh ....

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