Supply MP3 | Apple's 6th generation card MP3

Supply MP3 | Apple's 6th generation card MP3

Product description:

Brand : ipad Apple Model : ORT-C027
  • screen: other
  • capacity: other
  • price: other
  • Product Type: Pure Audio MP3
Detailed description:

1 : 1 high imitation of Apple's sixth generation

Maximum support to 16G high-speed TF card

shuffle colors :. Rose sky blue black silver golden red .

Slim, free entrainment. Simple, elegant, stylish

Buyer Tips : Standard = machine + earphone + cable + Getting Started

Purchase Notes: iPod charger products are non- standard; the lower current USB port; supply is limited; it can only be charged up to about 80%; long-term use there will be some damage to the machine with a proposal to buy special packages or single with charger !! advantages charger : charger stability; fast; no damage to the battery; and not have to use your computer to charge limit; AC outlet can be used directly

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