Supply Ou Qiya Aquarius MP3 | Necklace MP3

Supply Ou Qiya Aquarius MP3 | Necklace MP3

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Brand: Ou Qiya
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capacity 128-16G interface USB 2.0
Data transfer rate 15 (KB / s) OEM Can be OEM
Gift purposes Public relations gift Gift object Customers; leadership; subordinate; foreigners
Occasions for gifts Trade Printed LOGO can
Whether to provide custom processing It is

Battery Type: Built-in lithium Designs: fine headset integrated body; portable necklace full time 尚华贵; carry Concert Details:! Touch-sensitive buttons on; built-in lithium battery efficient; functional schematic diagram in accordance with the headset connected to the corresponding jack 2 seconds to automatically start playing music; unplug the headphone plug to shut down; all intelligent players realize switching operation; volume increase: Long touch the VOL +; volume down: long touch VOL-; on one: a short touch BACK key ; in one: a short touch NEXT key; Charging time: one hour; continuous playback time: 4 hours; supports music formats: MP3 / WMA ultra-small body: (Dimensions) 43 * 15 * 10.2mm with feelings Technology come to life, shock your auditory and visual!

Quote website are nesting nesting quotes are free memory needs to go into the finished product (Shell plus PCBA board + packaging = nesting). Nesting price is not a finished product prices need to go into the details directly to your style and your needs Number of online way to discuss or inquire to us we will give you the finished product prices directly reported

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