Supply Ou Qiya | No screen card clip, Apple press MP3 specials-clip

Supply Ou Qiya | No screen card clip, Apple press MP3 specials-clip

Product description:

Brand: ORCIA model: C003
Detailed description:
Brand: ORCIA Model: C003 Screen colors: No screen saver
Interface: USB 2.0 Battery life: 3-5 (hours) Weight: 19 (g)
FM function: No FM function Recording functions: No recording function Direct recording features: No direct record feature
Game features: Game features are not supported Books: Does not support e-book Features: Clip
For gift-giving occasions: Public relations planning; Wedding; The move; Birthday Print LOGO: That's no problem Customized processing: Yeah
Memory capacity: 0

Lowest wholesale price 6 Yuan special

Single price, accessories not included

• Support for MP3 format; No memory; Cards and listening to music

• Card reader and mobile Flash disk, and store songs or data

• High-energy rechargeable lithium-ion battery

• Color: black/white/red/pink/blue/

Other styles:

Quotations quotations are nesting sites does not contain memory need to be finished and then go into the details (shell plus PCBA Board + packaging = nest). Price is not the finished product price product details directly to the style and quantity you require, please send us via online chat or call our product prices directly to you
USB flash drive; MP3; MP4; MP5; E-books; MID; Tablet PCs; SD card; TF (phone memory) card and so on.
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