Supply of large S Gift MP3

Supply of large S Gift MP3

Product description:

Brand: Ou Qiya Model: ORT-F367
Detailed description:
This product at an affordable price; good quality become the choice of many companies electronic gifts section easy to use;! Directly with a USB port; can be directly connected to the computer; no reuse of the data line!
product manual:

• Music: Support MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV and other music formats.
• Recording function: built-in microphone; recording; Recording can be paused (more than 20 hours of continuous recording)
• Removable Storage: You can make U disk storage file, win2000 above without driver.
• Repeat function: choose to fragment repeat or contrast repeat, realizing real digital repeat function.
• sound modes: seven kinds of sound mode, natural, rock, pop, classical, soft, jazz, heavy bass.

• Playback modes: normal mode, single cycle, directory, broadcast, catalog circulation, full circle, random play, browse play.
• Text reading: do not only listen to music but also to read the novel.
• Supply mode: built-in lithium battery (up to hundreds of times repeated use)
• Other features: shutdown memory, memory status query functions
• Sound Chip: MP3 used in this paragraph is the famous west code scheme, coupled with South Korea's Samsung chip, pure sound.
• Lyrics synchronization: support synchronous lyrics display
Color: White Black

Accessories: headphones, manual