Supply Extreme Black Diamond mp4 | button MP4 1.8-inch ultra-thin | ebook + FM + movies

Supply Extreme Black Diamond mp4 | button MP4 1.8-inch ultra-thin | ebook + FM + movies

Product description:

Brand: orcia
  • screen: 2.0 inches below
  • capacity: other
  • price: 200 or less
Detailed description:
Memory Capacity 128M-16G Storage media Flash
Screen Color 26 million colors screen size 1.8 (inches)
It supports audio formats mp3

The above prices for nesting price, excluding chips finished goods prices, please contact the Advisory Extreme Black Diamond mp4 give you a different feeling ultra-thin 1.8-inch e-book + FM (optional) + Movie

Official standard: headset charger, data cable Manual beautifully packaged box.

Product Name: Slim Black Diamond MP3 / MP4 digital player (OEM version, non-original)

Capacity: 128M-16GB (optional), please contact !!

Battery design: built-in high-capacity lithium battery; long standby time; practical convenience; energy saving

Display: 1.8 inch color TFT high-definition display, 26 million colors, resolution up to 126 * 176

Internal movement: the most stable quality, the most perfect sound quality and the most high-end enjoyment

Color: black noble fashion, delightful

• delicate elegant exterior design: Full Metal noble design; machine only half a palm-sized; very appropriate touch

• Actions-end decoder chip with the perfect combination of Samsung's memory chips, support for SRS mode, careful circuit design, reflects a more perfect sound quality, clearer picture quality supports multiple audio and video formats: such as; MP3; WMA; WMV; ASF; WAV; AVI and other audio; video formats (after most of the video formats you want to convert in order to support local direct support AMV format video playback).

• Support LRC lyrics display, A-B repeat.

• SNR 90dB, sound quality is quite good; high-speed USB 2.0 interface transfer rate can be achieved using 5MB / S, to ensure high-capacity file transfer time is very short time.

• FM stereo radio: powerful automatic search or manual search radio station function, can store 40 (per standard 20) different local radio frequency, allowing you to easily listen to radio programs.

• E-book function: long text recording function, can not read the article (* TXT.) Copy to the mobile site any time to read.

• Free driver U disk function: no management procedures, directly through the 'My Computer' in 'Removable Disk "operation documents, WIN2000 over the system without having to install drivers.

• Recording / repeat: recording through a microphone and saved as WAV and ACT format voice files, and choose to fragment repeat or contrast repeat, realizing real digital repeat function.

• 7 kinds of sound equalizer: natural; rock; pop; classic; soft; jazz; bass

• Multiple play modes: normal mode, single cycle, directory, broadcast, catalog circulation, full circle, random play, browse play.

• a variety of settings: You can set sleep mode and power saving mode, multi-screen settings and screen saver, allowing you to use more convenient.

• portable electronic album: support for high-definition picture browsing, portable electronic album.

• Game features: support for Tetris game, more than the leisure of unlimited enjoyment.

• Fully humanized menu: intuitive and simple.

• Display: 1.8 inch screen

• Movie function, unique compression support AMV format

• JPEG; BMP; GIF and other image browsing

• Music support MP1; MP2; MP3; WMA; ASF formats

• FM stereo radio - powerful automatic search or manual search radio station function

• E-book function - reading e-books can read TXT text format e-books, and another phone book function

• Mirror - Acrylic Mirror wear

• Language - Simplified Chinese; Traditional Chinese; English song lyrics synchronized display supports Japanese; Korean; French; German; Italian; Dutch; Portuguese; Spanish and so on!

• lyrics with lyrics synchronization function, easy to learn song

• Sound Mode pop; rock; classical; jazz; bass; natural; soft, etc.

• Recording / repeat (more suitable for students, teachers) through a microphone for voice recording and save the document, choose paragraph repeat or contrast repeat, realizing real digital repeat function ./

• U disk / Disk Management can be used as a mobile U disk / disk can be put into two spaces; one encryption; the space to hide!

• 7 play modes Normal mode, single cycle, all cycle, random play, catalog circulation play, browse play, catalog play • A variety of audio: natural; rock; pop; classic; soft; jazz; bass.

• Timing shutdown can set sleep mode and power saving mode that allows you to use more conveniently

• USB Interface / USB2.0 built-in lithium battery, no need for you to buy batteries, to help you the rest of the battery money!

• Support system Windows98 / ME / 2000 / XP where 2000 / XP without driver, plug and play

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