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Ou Qiya (ORE-2803) MMP5 PSP slide

Ou Qiya (ORE-2803) MMP5 PSP slide
  • Ou Qiya (ORE-2803) MMP5 PSP slide
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Brand: Ou Qiya (ORCIA) Model: ORE-2803
Detailed description:
Memory Capacity 1GB; 2GB; 4GB; 8GB; 16GB Storage media Flash
Screen Color 26 million colors screen size 2.8 (inches)
It supports audio formats mp3 Supported video formats MPEG-4; WMV; AVC; RM; RMVB; AVI; DivX
speaker There Speaker camera A camera
interface USB 2.0 GPS function No GPS function
Warranty A year Whether to provide custom processing It is
My movie format supported MPEG-4 encoded MP4 format standard, supports video encoded as DIVX 3.11 / / 4. X / / 5. X and XVID, maximum size 320 * 240, the maximum number of frames to 30 frames / sec ( in line with these parameters video files can be played directly on the machine, which does not comply with a conversion software to convert the files that meet the parameters) .2.8 inch large screen, 16 million colors, color, screen pixel 320 * 240.2. Super NES game simulator game that supports the format NES, support for Street Fighter, Contra, Super Mary and other thousands of games. 3. The portable tape recorder microphones direct recording, MP3 format, all three adjustable rate, audio encoding bit rate: 128KPS; 192KPS; 256KPS; recording sampling rates:. 44.1KHz 4. personal electronic fiction album support JPEG / BMP / GIF / GIF animation, 5 million pixel JPEG decoding @ 3 seconds, Pictures dynamic zoom, TXT novel format. 5. flexible disk, the file list can be selected at random disk file management, support for long file names, is fully compatible with FAT32 and FAT16, multifunction playlist PLAYLIST can manage multiple themes, free to join / delete file index. 6. Powerful battery built-in high-capacity lithium battery, long standby time 7. The large-capacity memory and expansion cards 1GB / expansion card maximum support 2G capacity SD card. 8. TV TV output and speaker output function Video output to TV, VCD clarity, the audio output to the headphones / speakers. 9. video camera features built-in 2 million pixel high-definition camera, dynamic interpolation up to 300 million pixels, ultra-clear video camera, 320 * 240 camera, the image good linear flow 15 posts per second, the menu has a high, medium and low three kinds of optional quality, with 2 selectable imaging modes: day mode, night mode high-quality camera, you can browse digital photos, photographs standard JPG picture format, depending on the image quality options, photo quality and size of the shooting varied menu with 2 selectable shooting modes: day mode, night mode Image formats supported JPG, BMP, GIF animation formats, 4: 116: 1 dynamic scaling can be JPG and BMP images set to the standby screen 10. The theme is provided with two kinds of fashion Hyun color theme 11. Optional custom startup / shutdown screen native charge your promise. The favorite pictures set to power on / off screen to suit your individual requirements 12. The system settings Language: Simplified Chinese, English 13. Display 2.8 inches QVGA high-definition screen, 16 million color 14 Interface USB2.0. The data transfer speed 2M bytes / sec. 15. Memory 1GB, supports SD card to expand capacity. 16. Firmware Upgrade system disk size is 18M, by upgrading the system disk upgrades, firmware consisting of directory files, graphics files, the main program. 17 Other features custom boot animation, pure software coding. 18. The Notepad feature is that you learn a good helper!