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NexTool keel KT5506 | Tungsten steel tactical pen anti-body tool attack pen |

NexTool keel KT5506 | Tungsten steel tactical pen anti-body tool attack pen |
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: NexTool / Natto
  • Item No
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 368
  • Color Classification: keel KT5506 original standard keel KT5506 factory standard + refills
  • Time to market: Spring 2014

Nuo Tuo 5506 tungsten alloy attack head, hardness up to HRA90 tactical defense pen, you can write directly on the glass, put the car in an emergency when the break car glass escape; pen body ergonomic design, with anti-skid knurled and comfortable thumb According to regulations can bring the plane train.

'Keel tactical pen'

Good continuation of the tactical Natto pen 'crafted', 'tungsten steel head', 'Fisher space refill' three core features, and made a bold appearance of innovation. Dinosaur skeleton, with uncompromising attention to the CNC machining, making it an extraordinary visual impact of the whole.

product features
1, dinosaur skeleton appearance with high-precision CNC machining, making keel pen more visual impact;
2, tungsten steel hardness of HRA90 or more, can be easily left in the glass scratches, broken steel window glass to meet the needs of emergency escape;
3, the use of space pen Pen Pencil US space shuttle brand SPR4F space refills, refills can be written at any angle (weight loss can be), the temperature range -35 ℃ -121 ℃, writing traces can be stored at 30 ℃ the following 100 years.
4, the use of the pen pen Fisher space refill is equipped with an extension of plastic caps, can be adapted to ordinary Orbital refill, greatly enhanced the applicability of writing.

Keel tactical pen is generally used for: 1, emergency defense 2, daily writing 3, car escape 4, can bring boarding 5, relatives and friends gifts.

Product parameters:

Body material: 6060-T6 aviation aluminum
Striking head material: tungsten steel carbide
Surface treatment: US military regulations III-type hard anodizing
Length: 14.5 cm
Weight: 30g (including refill)
Refill: American Shuttle (Fisher) space refill SPR4 (black)
The Fountain pen cartridge used in the keel pen is equipped with an extension rubber cap and can be adapted to an ordinary Orb pencil cartridge.

Tactical Pen - Selection of Tactical Pen

With the improvement of people's safety consciousness, it is common sense to wear a safe life-saving appliance, and the tactical pen is getting into the life of the common people with the happening of security incidents such as traffic accidents, etc. In selecting tactical pen, Their own needs to be selected.

Tactical pen features three: emergency defense, daily writing, car escape. Car escape Not all tactical pen can achieve, the car windows are mostly tempered glass, so ordinary aluminum alloy and stainless steel attack head tactical pen is difficult to crush it is now recognized easier to crush the windows of tempered glass Of the tactical pen for the band Tactical Pen for Tungsten Strike Head Because the hardness of tungsten steel up to HRA90 or more, even in the glass can easily leave scratches.

Now news often reported that violent crime frequently occurred around the road, the ATM machine to withdraw money, play, and, often stolen, the victim of the loss of money and some are lost their lives, Almost all of them are not under any preparedness by criminals attack; then how can we protect themselves and their families? Then you need a daily can carry, and will not attract attention to self-defense weapons, what would you choose?

Application of tactical pen

Its hard texture allows the user to display positive and negative poke, stab, do not, lock and other attacks by continuous attacks on human nerve plexus sensitive areas, soft tissue parts, such as the abdomen, ribs, armpit, shoulder, back , Resulting in severe pain uniform opponents. Is designed to special security, security and other special groups an effective defense tool, can not carry weapons in the environment with a large limit to play defense capabilities, with the grappling martial arts amazing but not to the opponent Resulting in irreversible damage to the permanent, but also ordinary people can legally have the defense tool.