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Compass no bubble 97 type refers to the Navy military authentic multi-function Y / JZB 97 military sent to the new leather holster

Compass no bubble 97 type refers to the Navy military authentic multi-function Y / JZB 97 military sent to the new leather holster
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: rolriss
  • Item No. 97 type
  • made in China
  • Price: 288
  • Time to market: Fall of 2013
  • Whether it is waterproof: yes
  • Yes No Shock: Yes
  • Whether the luminous display: yes
  • Carrying: Handheld
  • Display mode: pointer type

Description: This product is the PLA General Equipment Department designated manufacturers Andeli Group Zhuzhou Co., Ltd. production, the factory does not produce civilian compass, please his comrades are assured to buy, Leave a compensable one hundred There are individual businesses selling online before the 2006 production of the troops out of the retired defective, shoddy, please pay attention to the purchase Seal number (production year) Because of the age, magnetic needle will be aging, damping oil will be dry, will seriously affect the accuracy and product quality of the reliability, not because of cheap and wrong.

Briefly on the difference between the military 97 and the northern compass of the Harbin geology compass:

1.97 for the domestic military production enterprises, factories have military weapons production of weapons Georgia card, military security card 5 card, Yes The assembly of the North of the North of the column . 97 is the military standard, the Harbin brand refers to the national standard is not a level, both are a level, Military standard is much higher than the national standard.

2.97-type matrix for high-strength special aviation aluminum, anti-fall, earthquake, to ensure that the compass in the harsh environment, the accuracy of the compass. Ordinary compass for the general aluminum, or even plastic, poor strength, a drop on the bad.

3.97-type military magnet, providing 2 seconds fast positioning, regardless of what state, the level of 2 seconds after the rapid positioning for the battlefield to provide fast and accurate positioning to provide a reliable guarantee. Other compass for the air, Poor accuracy, slow positioning.

4.97-type positioning ring for the copper, to ensure the use of life for more than 30 years, ordinary compass for the plastic or ordinary metal, easy to wear, one year down to use down.

5.97 type Copper pull ring, wear resistance.

6.97 type All-weather waterproof, military high and low temperature test, to adapt to the harsh natural environment. Wherever, are guaranteed accurate positioning.

7.97 matrix for the military ceramic paint, anti-corrosion. Ordinary compass for the general painting, easy to wear.

8.97 type used Military fluorescent, high energy storage, light 3-5 minutes after the removal of light can be guaranteed at least 8 hours to identify the direction of the ordinary North Needle storage poor, fluorescent just a display.

9.97 type Full-featured, high integration, compact, compact and portable.

97 type compass full set of:

1. 1 case of leather box 2. A letter of the north hand 3. Chinese instructions 1 copies 4. Flannel piece

5. Ribbon 1 6. Plastic bag 1 7. Certificate 1

97Type refers to the North is China's new equipment forces, very advanced new military compass, 1997The product is designed in terms of function and appearance 62The advantages of the compass are taken 80Type oil-immersed full-damping compass, to meet the troops fast, accurate and stable combat requirements, which has a strong adaptability and advanced.

In addition to the military, the 97-type compass is also widely used in outdoor activities and sports such as transportation, navigation, forestry, exploration, tourism, adventure, orientation and off-road. It is also one of the collections of many amateur and enthusiasts. Not the same. Manufacturers will have a slight change, without notice)

- High strength aluminum alloy base, strong and lightweight, compact structure, can withstand a variety of harsh environmental test.

- high vacuum oil waterproof damping dial, completely waterproof design, harsh environment more stable pointer.
- equipped with leather leather leather pockets, easy to carry line.
- The use of advanced military fluorescent materials, more stable, no harmful radiation.
- with a multi-purpose hook, easy to figure on the operation.
- anti-word table, azimuth measurement more quickly and accurately.
- magnetic needle with a strong magnet, high sensitivity.
- Accuracy up to ± 1o azimuth measurement mechanism.
- According to the door sight sight distance estimator, with a fluorescent point, the accuracy of up to 5%.
- pitch angle measuring mechanism, measuring accuracy ± 2.5o.
- Pointer gear odometer mechanism, measuring accuracy of 1%.
- Accuracy of up to 0.5mm coordinate ladder.

97Type refers to the North for my company production, trademark for '41' .


1Azimuth measurement
Measuring range: 0 ~ 360 ° 60-00Density

2, Pitch angle (slope) measurement
Measuring range: ± 90 °
3, Distance measurement (proportional measurement method)
Measurement methods: 10: 1 20: 1
4, Map mileage (map curve distance) measurement
Applicable map scale: 1: 25,000 1: 50,000 1: 100,000
5, Measuring ruler: long foot 120mm , Short feet 25mm , Short feet 25mm
Used for: map straight distance measurement; map coordinate point measurement; drawing simple map

Compass Complete set:
97Type one compass Flannel piece Ribbon one One of the plastic bags A copy of the manual One of the portable leather boxes One certificate

Dimensions: 68 × 70 × 22mm.