Supply of NVIDIA's GT430 1GB 128 位 DDR3 16SP graphics

Supply of NVIDIA's GT430 1GB 128 位 DDR3 16SP graphics

Product description:

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Product details
1. video card GT430 specifications:
2. CUDA core 96
3. Graphics Clock (MHz) 700 MHz of
4. Processor Clock (MHz) 1400
GT430 PCI Express graphics of:
1. Original GT430's 96SP
2. LP type or ATX type
3. Nice fan
GT430 PCI Express graphics card specifications:
GPU Engine Specs:
CUDA Core 96
Graphics Frequency (MHz) 700 MHz of
Processor Frequency (MHz) 1400 MHz of
Texture Fill Rate (billion / sec) 11.2
Memory Specifications:
Memory Frequency (MHz) 800 - 900 (DDR3)
Standard configuration 1 GB of memory DDR3
128-bit wide memory
Memory bandwidth (GB / sec) 25.6 - 28.8
Supported features:
NVIDIA's 3D Vision Ready
Microsoft DirectX 11
The OpenGL 4.1
For the Windows 7 certification

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