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Plastic U disk, U disk lanyard, USB flash drives, advertising gift U disk usb stick

Plastic U disk, U disk lanyard, USB flash drives, advertising gift U disk usb stick
  • Plastic U disk, U disk lanyard, USB flash drives, advertising gift U disk usb stick
Product code: 20312100001
Unit price: 7-100 CNY
Reference price: 1.02-14.54 USD
Minimum order:
Other info: Per piece
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Gift purposes: Promotional gifts Capacity: 128M-32G Interface: USB 2.0
Printed LOGO: can Custom processing: Gift object: Customers
Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning Brand: OEM Data transfer rate: 18 (KB / s)

Product Name: Lanyard U disk

Data retention: more than 10 year

Product Style: Variety or custom map
Colour: according to customer requirements color
Product Code: H624

Product Capacity: 32MB-128GB
Product Dimensions: Specifications

For customers: trading companies, gift companies

Suitable range: advertising gifts, business gifts, conference gifts' gifts, holiday gifts
Data transmission: read speed up 15MB / Sec write speed up 5MB / second

Details matter:

Hardware: With USB Interface IBM PC And compatibles, laptops, tape USB Apple Computer Interface
Operating System: Compatible System: Linux , Mac OS , Windows 2000 , Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 Such as the latest system. USB MASS STORAGE

Agreement LINUX2.4. X. MAC OS9. X / MAC OS X Wait
Drivers: Only WINDOWS98SE The system needs to install the driver.
power supply: USB Bus-powered ( 4.5V-5.5V )
Host Interface: Universal Serial Bus 1.1 / 2.0
Working current: * (50MA
Standby current: * (20MA
Data retention: more than 10 year
Data read speed: 950KB / second
Data write speed: 650KB / second
Working temperature: -20 C ~+ 70 C
Storage temperature: -50 C ~ 85 C
Operating Relative Humidity: 10%-90%
Storage relative humidity: 5%-95%

Product advantages:

A , As long as the appearance of doing company LOGO . U Disk general life is 6-10 In equal companies spend a money to do a few years of advertising, so, through the mouth of beer between customer advocacy, more credibility and authenticity, helping to increase the amount of customers can be described as, a purchase, lifelong service

B ,(advertising U Plate) with general U Disk function, the following 2 Functions can be selected:

1 ,website U Disk reader pre-stored in a business website URL, with ordinary U Any function plate, when the website U Reader into the computer's disc USB When the interface, the computer will automatically enter the business website immediately URL (for example: IRD web site, the insurance company website, hotel website, customs website, school website, automotive Web site, supermarket site, industrial and mining sites .. And other sites).

2 ,insert U Disk to the computer, the first play an advertisement FLASH Or related pictures, slides, etc.

C , 1) The popular high-tech products 2) It can be any style appearance 3) Very affordable 4) Unexpected way to enter a specific site 5) Broad market potential.

U disk Precautions:

1: The use of this product which, make sure the computer is no virus, or could undermine the U disk built-in procedures

2: In the absence of the necessary cases, please do not directly unplug the computer, and then pull out to Safely Remove USB U disk, or will affect the life of U disk

3: important documents, please yourself a good backup, do not cut to transfer files, preferably with a copy (backup data to develop good habits)

4: data loss may be caused by the following, including a sudden power failure, power supply instability, people who do not normally plug, deletions, wrong formatting, virus damage, electrostatic Jihuai, encryption and permissions, firmware upgrade, electromagnetic interference Wait.

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