Battery U disk | U disk metal batteries oxidizable variety of colors, mini U disk, U disk-shaped battery

Battery U disk | U disk metal batteries oxidizable variety of colors, mini U disk, U disk-shaped battery

Product description:

Gift purposes: Conference gifts Capacity: 128M-16G Interface: USB 2.0
Features: Battery Shell Material: Plastic Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: OEM: can OEM Gift object: Customers, elders, lovers, foreigners
Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, fairs, awards to commemorate Brand: ORCIA Data transfer rate: 8 (KB / s)
Can be printed LOGO

(Product price) price is for reference (price depending on memory availability) please contact me, thank you

(Material) plastic, metal, silicone, wood, etc.

(Color) optionally

(Product packaging) according to customer requirements, such as no special requirements, both OPP bag.

( product manual )

1. Capacity: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16G optional.

2. With USB2.0 interface, support hot-swappable, plug and play, easy to use, good reliability, erasable more than 1 million times.

3. Read and write speed:

USB1.1 state: write speed: 860KB / s read speed: 960KB / s (and computer configuration)

USB2.0 state: write speed: 11MB / s read speed: 12MB / s (and computer configuration)

The designs according to customer open mold processing.

6. No driver (Windows2000 and above).

7. earthquake proof, high temperature resistance, anti-electromagnetic interference.

8. Save data security, long-term (10 years).

9. compact, portable.

10. Storage media: flash memory (Flash Memory).

11. The working environment temperature; -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C

Storage temperature: -50 ° C ~ + 80 ° C

12. supports WIN98 / 2000 / Me / XP / Server2003, Mac OS 9. x / x, Linux 2.4. X and higher operating system

Shenzhen Ou Qiya Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional U disk manufacturing plant, has five years of experience in production U disk, now has the appearance of thousands to choose from .U plate varieties include: diamond U disk, card U disk, Waterproof U disk, PVC silicone U disk, leather U disk, metal U disk, U disk rotating wrist U disk, wood U disk, U disk encryption, anti-virus U disk, gold-plated U disk, credit card U disk, U disk car pen U disk, Epoxy U disk, U disk key chain, knife U disk, U disk and other sports at the same time have a number of patented technologies and U disk independently developed private mode, can be customized according to your needs customer LOGO.