Shenzhen Electronics Assembly provides a u-processing of metal, metal USB flash drive brand u-processing

Shenzhen Electronics Assembly provides a u-processing of metal, metal USB flash drive brand u-processing

Product description:

Lead-free manufacturing processes: provide Quality certification standards: industry standard Line number: 3
Daily processing capacity: 10000 Processing type: welding, Assembly, and testing Processing equipment: chip machines, testing machines, welding machines, assembly lines
Processing equipment quantity: 50 Processing methods: any way

The price above is for material price, chips are likely to change every day, so I can't write accurate prices, please understand.

Calculation of product prices based on chip prices on the day, please consult the prosperous or QQ:1158434841

All u can order a logo or you can mold, custom profile thank you

1, high quality housing, compact and practical.
2, memory capacity from 32M, 64M, 128M, 256M, 512M, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB optional.
3, AutoPlay advertisement functions can be set according to customer requirements, such as plug in USB disk AutoPlay advertisement animation and pop-up website, play automatically play music, is the gift of choice.
4, packaging can be customized according to customer requirements, product appearance and color.
5, customers can request the LOGO screen printing enterprise.
6, a-level Flash chip support BIOS HDD/ZIP startup mode, high-speed read and write, can be repeatedly erased more than 1 million times, backup data can be saved for a long time.
7, connection speed: USB2.0 full speed. Plug and play, without special drivers (except WIN98).
8 operating system: windows98/winME/2000/2003/XP/VISTA/Linus&Macos.

Shenzhen Ou Qiya electron limited company is a professional USB flash drive production plant, has five years of u disk production experience, now has thousands of skins to choose from. USB stick varieties include: Diamond USB memory stick card USB, waterproof USB flash drive, u-PVC silica gel, leather USB drive, metal USB drive, rotating u disk, wrist u disk, wood USB flash drive, encrypt USB, antivirus USB drive, gold-plated USB memory stick, card u disk, car USB memory stick pen u disk, epoxy USB, Keychain USB drive army knife USB drive, sports a USB memory stick and so on. Also has a number of u-patented technology, and a separate private mode of development, customer LOGO can be customized according to your needs.