Doll U disk | Cartoon Soft U disk | Physicians / teacher / nurse U disk | U disk manufacturers creative outlet

Doll U disk | Cartoon Soft U disk | Physicians / teacher / nurse U disk | U disk manufacturers creative outlet

Product description:

Capacity: 128M 256M 1G 2G4G8G16G Interface: USB 2.0 Features: Robots
Housing material: Silicone Printed LOGO: can Custom processing:
OEM: can OEM Gift object: Customers, elders, friends, foreigners Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, business gifts, fairs, wedding
Brand: OEM Data transfer rate: 10000 (KB / s)

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U disk Material: ABS plastic

U disk features: can be set for different types of jobs, careers humanoid U disk upon request

U disk capacity: 128M 256M 512M 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB 32GB

U disk color: silver, red, black, green, blue, according to the PANTONE Color-made

U disk size:... 5 8X1 7X0 9CM

U disk Weight: 12 grams

U disk read and write speeds: Write: 3-6M / S, read: 12-15M / S

U disk control: Yasukuni, the core help, group together SMI, UT165 (Liansheng)

U disk chip: Samsung (SAMSUNG), modern (HYNIX), Toshiba (TOSHIBA), Micron (MICRON) Intel (INTEL) sandisk (and Toshiba joint venture)

U disk LOGO printing: printing one color or multi-color, five hundred more than the production costs Free LOGO

U-packing: small white box PP plastic boxes, tin, gift boxes available, can also be printed on the package the customer's LOGO

U disk accessories: USB cable, lanyard, optional.

Advertising U disk function: You can help customers to upload files, you can make files, and advertising, images and web pages automatically play can not be deleted.

Shenzhen Ou Qiya Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional U disk manufacturing plant, has five years of experience in production U disk, now has the appearance of thousands to choose from .U plate varieties include: diamond U disk, card U disk, Waterproof U disk, PVC silicone U disk, leather U disk, metal U disk, U disk rotating wrist U disk, wood U disk, U disk encryption, anti-virus U disk, gold-plated U disk, credit card U disk, U disk car pen U disk, Epoxy U disk, U disk key chain, knife U disk, U disk and other sports at the same time have a number of patented technologies and U disk independently developed private mode, can be customized according to your needs customer LOGO.

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